Our Ambassador Nigel Latta

When Nigel was asked to become the Ambassador for Kenzie's Gift, he agreed without hesitation. He is passionate about promoting the importance of psychosocial well-being for New Zealand children and recognises the contribution Kenzie's Gift is making.

Nigel believes it is important to heighten awareness of the need to support our children and young people when a family member is diagnosed with cancer or serious illness, or there is a bereavement within the family.

"It's not just the nature of the services Kenzie's Gift provides," says Nigel, "but also the strong evidence base behind those services. It is fundamentally important that families struggling with these kinds of issues receive support that is evidence-based rather than simply ‘well intended’."

Nigel works tirelessly with children and young people as a Clinical Psychologist and his books and talks about parenting and raising children have been hugely popular.

About Nigel Latta

Nigel is a registered clinical psychologist and author. He was born and raised in Oamaru and spent his high school years at Waitaki Boys High School. He then went on to Otago University, where he completed an MSc in Marine Science.

Upon completion of his marine science qualification, Nigel went to Auckland where he trained as a clinical psychologist and worked there for a period of some seventeen years in a number of agencies - Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation, Sex Offender Treatment Programmes, Family Therapy agencies, Child Youth and Family, Probation Services, as well as in private practice.

Nigel works as a clinical psychologist in private practice and continues to consult with organisations and agencies thoughout the country working mainly with children and young people, as well as adult forensic work. He lectures on a number of senior courses at the NZ Police College and is a frequently requested speaker at conferences and events for schools and organizations.

In addition to psychology, Nigel has published a number of books. These publications include a novel, followed by a nonfiction book published in 2004 about his work as a forensic psychologist called “Into the Darklands” which was the inspiration for a critically acclaimed television documentary series “Beyond the Darklands” which screens in both New Zealand and Australia.

For a complete list of Nigel's publications and his latest news, please visit his website.

Nigel Latta

"I am very proud to be associated with this group and cannot recommend them highly enough. Kenzie's Gift provides age appropriate, evidence-based services delivered by registered professionals at a time when such support is desperately needed by children and their families. Kenzie's Gift is an invaluable community resource and they need our help to grow and extend their services."

Nigel is a champion for all New Zealand children who are affected by serious illness or a bereavement within the family. I cannot thank him enough for his support.

- Nic Russell, Director Kenzie's Gift