Listen to our webinar series covering topics to help you and your whānau through some of life's toughest times, including serious illness diagnosis, cancer, grief and loss.

Coping with grief at Christmas

Dr Bernice Gabrie


Christmas is a time of joy. Everywhere we look we’re encouraged to be cheery and bright, to spend up large on presents and food, to entertain, celebrate with family and friends, and spread boundless goodwill.


It's a time of year that can be some of the hardest to travel for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Christmas will never be the same. There is an empty chair at the table.


In this webinar, Nic Russell, founder of Kenzie's Gift and bereaved mama, talks to child and adolescent psychotherapist, Nicola Jackson, on coping with grief at Christmas.


Webinar Time: Nov 25, 2021 01:00 PM



Talking with kids about cancer name

Talking with kids about cancer

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