#DearGrief – when grief is shared, it feels less lonely


That’s the idea behind Kenzie’s Gift #DearGrief campaign – it’s a chance for you to explore what grief means to real Kiwis, and yourself.

Grief leaves a lasting imprint on your life, which you carry your whole life. By talking about grief and normalising it, we can begin to navigate and process it.

There are so many ways you can get involved in #DearGrief, including:

  • Writing your own letter to grief
  • Sharing your memories or photos of a loved one that you’ve lost.
  • Buying a very special 18th birthday present for Kenzie.

HRH The Duke of Cambridge's letter of support for #DearGrief

We’re so honoured to share a message of support for our #DearGrief campaign from The Duke of Cambridge. Read his incredibly personal and poignant letter.

    About photographer Lee Howell

    Lee grew up in the UK where he first embarked on a career in automotive engineering that took him to Formula One as a race team mechanic. After being inspired by his brother’s travel images, he bought his first SLR camera in 2002 and began teaching himself to shoot.

    After moving to New Zealand in 2006 he put down the spanners in favour of a fulltime career behind the camera. Since then he’s developed a reputation for producing high quality, professional images for corporate, editorial and advertising clients alike.

    While he loves the challenge of shooting automotive and sport subjects, his real passion lies in working with people and creating portraits that glow with a natural warmth and capture a person’s true character.

    Nigel Latta’s message to #DearGrief

    Nigel Latta, one of New Zealand’s leading psychologists, has been a long-term supporter of Kenzie’s Gift. We remain beyond grateful for his invaluable support over the years. See what he has to say to #DearGrief.

    How You Can Support 

    Share Your Message

    What would you say to grief if you had the chance? Here's your opportunity to explore your own experiences with grief. Handwrite a letter, take a photo of it and send it to us using this form. 

    View #DearGrief Gallery

    Have a look through the stories, memories and letters from Kiwis across New Zealand as they share what they want to say to #DearGrief.

    Buy a Special Present

    On Sunday November 22nd, Kenzie would have turned 18 years old – a huge milestone in every young person’s life. Now, you can make a real difference to a young Kiwi’s life by buying a unique gift.

    Our supporters

    We couldn’t have brought #DearGrief 2020 to life without the invaluable help of our supporters. We thank each and every one of them for their tireless support. Special thanks go to The Chenery Memorial Trust whose generous support allowed us to bring the #DearGrief 2020 photo exhibition to life.