Superhero Fridays are a fun, different way to involve your organisation in fundraising!

Grab your magic cape and star-spangled boots and become a Superhero to help us provide vital mental health support to Kiwi kids going through some of life’s toughest times.


join us on friday 31st march 2023 - Find out more

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The best part about becoming a Kenzie’s Gift Superhero is that you can tailor your fundraising activities to best suit your organisation’s structure and staff

We’re here to help you and your team, have fun and build engagement and morale within your employees.

Keeping the ‘super’ in Superhero, here are a few ideas to get the engagement and fun rolling with your team.

Spread the word about your #KGsuperherofriday on social media. Ask your friends and colleagues to share your posts and get involved. If you can’t organise an event, you can still use your superpowers to spread the word about Kenzie’s Gift.



Spread the word
  • Advertise your event far and wide. Put it across your social media with #KGsuperherofriday, in your newsletter, on your website, across your intranet…don't be shy!

Share the load

  • Designate jobs to colleagues. One group could be in charge of approaching local business, another to set up the event and another to clear away after the event.

Set your target

  • Set your sights high but make sure your target is achievable.

Thank you goes a long way…

  • Thank everyone who made a contribution to your event. Remind them that their generosity means that Kenzie’s Gift can go on supporting tamariki and families affected by serious illness and grief.

Bank it!

Ready to get started?

Visit the Superhero Fridays website!