For some superhero inspiration, here’s a list of some fun and fab ideas.


Mufti & Fancy Dress

Superhero Mufti day and fancy dress

Hold a Superhero fancy dress day or a mufti day at school and give out a superhero award for best dressed or most creative,

Superhero catwalk

Why not rock the catwalk with a superhero fashion show where everyone can model their Superhero outfits. You could promote and sell tickets to the fashion show to your local community, friends and family.

Superhero Breakfast

We’ve all heard of Pink Breakfast, why not a Superhero Breakfast. Invite your friends along a shared breakfast dish at school, work or home.

Superhero Trivia Night

Pay to play: recall all that trivial information and put it to work at a Superhero Trivia Night at home with friends or with colleagues at work.

Trivia Night

Superhero Cake Stalls

Superhero Cake stalls, snacks and Sausage sizzles.

Always a great way to satisfy hungry superheros; selling some yummy food. Donate the proceeds.

Screen your favourite superhero film

Hold a lunchtime or evening event, get out the popcorn and ask for gold coin donations.

Marvellous Superhero masks

Get your pupils to draw and paint their favourite superhero masks and faces. Showcase and auction the artwork at an exhibition for parents. Boost revenue by gold coin entry.

Superhero Comic time

In exchange for a gold coin, have kids bring in their favourite comic to read at story time.

Superhero Acts of Kindness

Why not have kids engage in superhero acts of kindness and get sponsored for their goodness, such as doing odd jobs and helpful acts for those in the local community. For example, car washes, a bit of gardening, beach cleans, visiting elderly neighbours and giving them a hand. The options are endless to spread those superhero acts of kindness.

Superhero Dog Walk

Do you love getting out and about with your four-legged superhero companions? Why not organise a superhero dog walk, get your capes and leads and head out for your superhero dog walk. For more ideas email the team at

Superhero Dog Walk