What is Grief?

Grief is our response to loss.

If we lose someone we love - a partner, a parent, a child, relative, friend or a much-loved pet – we feel grief.

We feel grief when we lose something of ourselves - perhaps our health, a job or activity, or being able to walk, run and move - and we can grieve over lost opportunities.

Grieving is a very personal experience.  People may say, "I know what you're going through' because they had a similar loss to you, but their experience will be different to yours.

Grief doesn't have a timetable. It takes as long as it takes, and it comes and goes.  There’s no one-size-fits-all way of dealing with it but there are ways you can look after yourself.

Understanding the emotions and feelings of grief may help.

Grief is tough but it gets easier

Grief can bring with it a range of emotions and physical feelings. They may not  come at once, and you might not experience all of them.

These feelings may come over a long, or short, period of time, and take time to work through.  Knowing that it’s normal to feel this way, and allowing yourself to let those emotions out, can make you feel better.

Memories are forever

Kenzie’s Gift have produced a comprehensive grief kit, Memories are Forever, with lots of information, helpful tips and advice to help support you when you have lost a loved one. You can view it here or order one at no charge by emailing the team here at Kenzie’s Gift on: hello@kenziesgift.com

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