No taitamaiti / Child should ever grieve alone

Kenzie's Gift Memories are Forever kits are designed to help bereaved tamariki and mātātahi / young people and their families. 

When tamariki and mātātahi / young people experience the loss of a special person, it's tough stuff. They often struggle with grief, experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness which can create social, behavioural and academic challenges for them. 

Unfortunately, in our death-averse society, many grieving tamariki and mātātahi / young people have few opportunities to share their feelings and stories of grief. It's so important for them to know that they're not alone. 

They need opportunities to express how they're feeling, to share the sadness, loneliness, confusion they feel, and to be heard. 

Kenzie's Gift is there for tamariki, mātātahi / young people and families affected by serious illness and grief. Our grief support kits ensures that you don't have to grieve alone. 

Our Memories are Forever packs can really help.

Our grief kits are designed to help bereaved tamariki, mātātahi / young people and their families. It includes a colourful, interactive Diary for tamariki aged 5-12 years, full of memory-creating activities and coping tools.

For mātātahi / young people, there’s a beautiful Diary full of information and tips for getting through the pain of loss, including space to write stuff down. There’s also a small booklet for mātua / parents and caregivers offering guidance and advice on how to support tamariki and mātātahi / young people.

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Children's Diary

We think you’ll have fun using this Diary because you can write in it, draw pictures of you or your family and friends, store stickers and
photos and little notes...but the Diary also asks you to write down some important stuff too:

- Questions you want to ask
- Things you want to talk about
- Names of the people looking after you
- How you feel

Some famous people throughout history have told us how they feel and you’ll find signposts in the Diary with some of the things they’ve said. Watch for the signposts along the way. How many of those people do you know? Their words will guide us, make us think about things and cheer us up too.

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Memories are Forever Diary Cover

Teen Diary

Young people's grief kit


We've created a grief kit for mātātahi / young people aged 13-24 years old. It's called Memories are Forever, and contains lots of information and tips for getting through the pain of loss, including space to write stuff down.

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This kit is a digital version - if you need a print ready file for sending to your printers, please contact us


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Parents' Kit

Memories are Forever - A guide to grief for mātua / parents and caregivers

I lost my 3-year-old daughter Kenzie in 2005. Whānau, friends and the community were there for me throughout our journey, and I truly understood the value of support for families enduring the worst grief imaginable. This is why I established Kenzie’s Gift: to help families during times of profound grief and loss.
I hope that this guide will provide helpful information and insights for mātua / parents and caregivers experiencing a bereavement within the whānau, and guidance for speaking with your tamariki about the loss of a loved one.
I believe it is better to tell a taitamaiti / child a sad truth than a mistruth, wrap the support around them, and help them develop coping mechanisms so they may learn to live with their loss. This is the true essence of Kenzie’s Gift.

Nic Russell
CEO, Kenzie's Gift

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Front cover of the Kenzie's Gift grief booklet for parents