No child should ever grieve alone

Kenzie's Gift Memories are Forever kits are designed to help bereaved children and families.

When children experience the loss of a special person, it is tough stuff. Children often struggle with grief, experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness which can create social, behavioural and academic challenges for them.

Unfortunately, in our death-averse society, many grieving children have few opportunities to share their feelings and stories of grief. It is critically important for grieving children to know that they are not alone.

They need opportunities to express how they are feeling, to share the sadness, loneliness, confusion they feel, and to be heard.

Kenzie's Gift is there for children and families living with terminal illness and bereavement, and has created these support kits so they do not have to grieve alone.

Our new Memories are Forever packs can really help.

Each pack includes a colourful, interactive Diary for children aged 5-12 years, full of memory creating activities, coping tools and  strategies to help. There is also a small booklet for caregivers offering guidance and advice on how to support and reassure children.

Please contact us to receive a copy of Memories are Forever.

Kenzie's Gift gratefully acknowledges the following for their valued contributions to the packs: Fairfax Media/Ports of Auckland Round the Bays 2015, the design team at Benefitz, the artists involved in the Warehouse Stationery Great NZ Colouring Book who donated their work, Lorna Wood, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, and writer Jane Bissell.