Finding and accepting help and support

It is normal to feel...


Physically and emotionally; tears may never be far away and some days you can hardly get out of bed. Be gentle on yourself and your children. You've been through an ordeal.

Frightened & Anxious

Treatment is finished, 'my child has no safety net'. Discuss your feelings during follow up consultations at the hospital and ask for extra help and support if you need it.


The cancer will come back; fear of recurrence is common and it is OK to feel this way. Discuss this with your hospital team too, they can give you information and reassurance that will help calm anxieties and fears

A bit lost

The way forward is unclear, life feels uncertain.There is no doubt that life will never be quite the same but life before cancer had structure and some of that can be re-established in this "new normal". Work together, be creative, think of ways to move forward with your family by involving them in the decision-making. You may need help from support groups so don't be afraid to access it. 


So much of this is your fault! Feeling guilty is normal so don't beat yourself up. Remind yourself that the cancer was not your fault and there is no way you could have prepared yourself for it. You've done exceptionally well, caring for your child and keeping the family going too. Remember to celebrate the family's accomplishments, no matter how small. Recognise achievement, especially your own. Enjoy special time with your partner and treat yourselves, often.


You may feel you are the only parents in the world whose child has been diagnosed with cancer.You are not alone, many others have walked this road before you. Your hospital Social Worker can help. Much can be gained by talking to those who have been there too and understand how you feel. 

Many of these feelings will pass over time but if they don't and you or members of your family are not coping, please ask for help. A number of organisations are there to assist and contact information is listed on the Resources page.