Memories are Forever - a kit for grieving 13-24 year olds

Our grief kit for mātātahi (young people) aged 13-24 years old is called Memories are Forever. It contains lots of information and tips for getting through the pain of loss, including space to write stuff down.

Nothing can prepare you for the loss of someone you love... You may have known it was going to happen, or it happened with no warning at all. Either way, the death of a loved one is tough – it’s one of the toughest things you’ll ever face. But we’re right here with you.

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The Kenzie's Gift Memories are Forever kit has some ideas, tips, tools, and things to think about to help you improve your health and wellbeing during this tough time. Taking care of yourself while grieving is important. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too - and our grief kit can help.


This isn’t intended to replace professional help and support when needed. If you feel you and your tamariki may need help from a professional, please reach out to Kenzie’s Gift.


This guide is a digital version - if you need a print ready file for sending to your printers, please contact us.


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As well as downloading our grief kit, listen to our webinar - Supporting mātātahi (young people) through grief. This webinar will be helpful for your mātua (parents) or your caregiver as it be tough to support you through grief. Most of us don't know how to talk about grief, let alone how to support a young loved one through it.

Grief can affect every part of a young person's life and there's no quick fix for it, no right or wrong way to grieve. The important thing is to support them in figuring out what will really help them deal with grief.

In this webinar, Nic Russell, founder of Kenzie's Gift and bereaved mama, talks to child and adolescent psychotherapist, Nicola Jackson, about supporting mātātahi through grief. You'll hear first-hand experiences and gain practical advice and helpful how-tos that can make a real difference to grieving mātātahi.


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Where to go for support

It can be hard to ask for help but no one expects you to go through grief on your own because the grieving process can last a long time. Support can come in many forms and the type you need may depend on where you are in your grief journey.


Counselling and support groups

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Samaritans Aotearoa

Anxiety New Zealand